Netbook Project Opportunity: One to One Proposal

Erik Larson

Grade 5
Coloniale Estates School
28 students.

Examples of Current Netbook Usage:

LA- Writing
1. Narrative Stories- student example; rubric

2. News Articles- student example

Newsletters - Web Quest

3. Fractured Fairy Tales play and stories- link to Web Quest, example; rubric
Web Quest A (Readers Theatre) and Web Quest B (Story Writing)

Reading Comprehension
Novel Study
- for Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
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1. Wikispace: Geography of Canada:
- Worksheets and Presentations
- Regions Project
- Tourist Destination- kidblog.or

2. Wikispace History of Canada
- Artifact Project-
- First Nations of Canada Group Project
- Explorers of Canada
- Historical Place Name Project

3. Canada's Identity- Wikispace
- What is Identity?
- Canadian Symbols
- Canada's Identity

Science- wikispace
1. Weather PhenomenaProject

2. Important Inventor (relating to Electricity)- will be posted on
3. Wetland Organisms Web Quest

Examples of Future Netbook Usage:

1. Google- students will be using igoogle, google docs, gmail, google calendar and other various google gadgets to help with their organization and learning. I have been lucky enough to start the process and we are just becoming familiar with the possibilities.

2. ePearl- I would like to use this program as a portfolio for my students work. I want to utilize the programs capabilities to help students understand the process when completing a project, their own assessment and through the use of this program, they can develop a better appreciation of their abiliites, reflect on their work and make more substantial improvements.

Netbook Usuage (tool for learning in a constructivist centred classroom)
1. Online Dictionary
2. Reading Comprehension websites
3. Writing – grammar practice websites
4. Spellingcity-
5. Research
6. Read and Write Gold
7. Projects- notebook,
8. Online learning- wikispaces
9. Collaborative Learning- etherpad
10. Kidblog
11. ePearl
12. mathletics
13. All the Right Type
14. Web Quests

Potential Actiivties
1. Develop of previous activitites to make them more constructivist and student led.
2. Incorporation of more of the curriculum into constructivist lessons
3. Google-docs, igoogle, etc
4. ePearl
5. Continued use of and improvements of activities