Vancouver Winter Olympics


Assignment 1- Information of the Winter Olympics

Use these websites to answer the following information about the olympics.

Official Website:

Assignment 2 - Adopt a country

Select a country that is competing in the Olympics and find out the following information:

- Where it is?
- What does the flag look like?
- What is its type of government?
- Does this country have any symbols?
- Does this country have any special landforms? natural and man made?
- What is their currency?
- What language do they speak?
- Who are the olympic hopefuls?- athletes

Present your information in a format of your choosing. Create a poster, Power Point, Photo Story, brochure, etc.
Create a venn diagram comparing Canada and your adopted country.

Assignment 3 - Create an excel document tracking progress of Canada and your adopted country in the medal count.

Template here

Assignment 4 - Olympic Trading Cards on Canadian Athletes
Go to this website:

Read about all of the Canadian Olympic athletes and select one. Create a trading card that has the following information
1. Where were they born?
2. What sport are they competing in?
3. Have they been to the Olympics before?
4. Have they won any medals?
5. Any interesting facts.

Use Microsoft word or publisher to create your trading card. Find a picture and your information.

Assignment 5- Olympic Symbols