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Newspaper Criteria

Each newspaper must contain the following
- article about Holes or book review
- summary of the book
- pictures

Each newspaper must have 5 of the following:
- another article
- a story
- a letter to the editor
- a comic
- a wordsearch
- a weather report
- want ads
- a poster
- ads
- a movie review
- a book review
- a sports article or scores
- a graph

- movie review

Newspaper Links
Graph website


Comic Creater

Novel Studies of Grade Five

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


Chapter 36-40 questions

1. What is causing Zero's illness?

2. Stanley fears that he may need Zero's shovel to dig a special hole. What kind of hole?

3. What appears to help Zero concentrate on something other than his pain?

4. Zero's hands have been cut. How?

5. Why does Stanley believe that water must be near?

6. Other than water, what does Stanley dig out of the mud?

7. Zero makes an incredible confession to Stanley, what is it?

8. Why does Stanley require the shovel?