Critical Challenge Project: Historical Place Names

How did a Canadian city, town or province get its name?

Using a number of resources, your mission is to discover how a particular place got its name.You may use the internet, books, and people to figure out the history of your place’s name.

Who were the first people to live in your city/town/village?

Example: How Calgary got its name
  • was named by Lieutenant-Colonel James Farquarson Macleod (NWMP)
  • is the name of the ancestral estate of Macleod's cousins on the Isle of Mull, Scotland
  • was a police post established on the Bow River in 1876
  • translated from Gaelic, it means "clear running water"
  • was called moll-inistsis-in-aka-apewis by the Blackfoot, which translates to "elbow many houses" and o-toos-kwa-nik by the Cree, which translates to "elbow house." Both refer to the Elbow River.
Task 1:

Select three different places in Canada, using the following websites, and learn about the history behind how they got their name.

New Website:

Select one that is your favorite and complete the research guide

Task 2:

Create a power point or photo story describing the history of the place you picked.

Include any relevant pictures of your place, a famous person or group of people. It would be good to include a historical picture and a current picture of your place.

Refer to the rubric to determine what you need to include.

Task 3:

Present it to the class.

Task 4:

Rank your top five- out of all of the presentation, rank which five you feel are the best. You must support your choices with your own thoughts and rationale. You cannot say "just because I like them." Better statements would be. "I thought that it was the most interesting or unique.."

Ranking Worksheet