Canadian Explorers Web Quest

Decide which Canadian Explorer has had the most influence on making Canada what it is today.

Explorers played an important role in Canadian History. They were brave individuals who discovered new l
lands and helped shape Canada’s Identity.

In this web quest, you are going to report on an important explorer in Canada’s History.

You will need to use the internet, books and other resources, to discover information about your explorer.

You then take your information and create a multimedia presentation using power point or photo story.

Your presentation should try and convince others why your explorer is the most important in Canadian History.
Step 1
Select an explorer form the following list
Step 2
Complete the Research Guide to help you identify key areas that you need to research. See below
Step 3
Use the internet or books to research information
Use these websites to help aid your research.
Step 4
Use your research guide and complete the Explorer Sketch. You may also use other resources. Hand in your Research Guide and Explorer Sketch to your teacher. Get final approval that your information is accurate, before proceeding onto the next step.

Step 5
Prepare your information and write a paragraph telling about all of the information that you found out. You want to convince your reader that your explorer is the most important in Canada's history. Be persuasive.